If you want to add style and luxury to your bathroom by changing your shower wall, then you need to look for a suitable shower wall material that will make your bathroom look attractive. Shower walls are the most eye-catchy corner of your bathroom, and selecting a fancy and high-quality material your shower wall will change the whole outlook of your bathroom.

Popular Shower Wall Materials

Given below are some popular options for shower walls that will make your bathroom appealing:

  • Acrylic Walls

Acrylic walls are a top choice among homeowners for its style and affordability. The texture and looks of the acrylic walls are classy. You can find a variety of options on texture and designs of acrylic walls that will meet your requirement.

Along with style, acrylic has amazing benefits like high durability and easy maintenance. Moreover, acrylic walls are more economical than other materials, which make them a perfect fit for the budget. Besides, installing acrylic walls are easier than tile walls, so you do not have to experience any delays in its installation. 

  • Stone Tiles

Installing stone tiles for shower walls will give a charismatic look to bathrooms in Sydney. Due to its splendid texture and colours, your shower wall will get a look of a soothing natural oasis. However, stone tiles are not cheap, and it requires costly maintenance, but the look and feel are worth the price. However, you need to choose the type of stone wisely as stone walls can often stain easily. Installing stone walls for your shower will give a heavenly look to your bathroom.

  • Fibreglass Walls

It is a budget-friendly option and can be maintained easily. Fibreglass has the attention of homeowners due to its value. However, compared to acrylic, they are not durable, but they can be an attractive interior for your bathroom. Moreover, fibreglass is suitable for individuals who want quick results without spending much. Additionally, fibreglass does not catch moisture, which makes it mould and mildew resistant.

  • Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have become popular over the past few years. Glass tiles are easy to clean and are strong. Furthermore, due to its reflective nature, it adds depth and spaciousness to your washroom. However, glass tiles require more time to be installed as compared to fibreglass, as it requires a lot of fitting and cutting.

  • Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are providing high end looks, and are stain-resistant. These tiles can give an elegant look to your bathroom. It might not be a budget-friendly option, but it can be cost-effective if you choose only ceramic tiles. However, choosing both ceramic and porcelain will be a long-lasting option for bathroom renovations in Western Sydney.

Final Words!

Hence, to give a fascinating look to your bathroom, you can choose suitable tiles material for your shower wall. You can also consult any certified bathroom renovation company who can provide a wide range of designs and textures along with high-quality material for your shower wall renovation.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a bathroom renovation company, and has been providing luxurious bathroom renovations in Western Sydney for the past few years and is successful in making the bathrooms in Sydney more stylish and attractive.