Our teeth may appear dark or yellow whether or not we have a dental routine to follow. While we think regular brushing and scheduled dental visits can help, the easiest and simplest way to achieve a pearly white teeth are teeth whitening services. But who are qualified for these services? This article is written with the help of Swedesboro Dentist for Implants.

The Best Candidates
If you think teeth whitening services are only for the rich and the famous, then you ought to know more. Any patient, who has healthy gums and natural teeth, is more than qualified to avail this service, especially if they want to make their smiles even brighter. Those with yellow-colored teeth may also seek a teeth whitening service.
Who Are Not Qualified?
A teeth whitening service is not recommended for the following individuals:

Children Under the Age of 16
Kids under the age of 16 are not allowed to undergo teeth whitening or bleaching. That is because the pulp chamber of the tooth is still enlarged at this age. When this service is performed, chances are irritation may start in the pulp, making it more sensitive.

Lactating Women
Like young kids, pregnant and lactating women may not be allowed to avail a teeth whitening service. This might only cause complications in the long run.

Those with Tooth Sensitivity Issues and Allergies
Those with sensitive gums and teeth should see their dentist before having their teeth whitened. The products that will be used might only cause allergic reactions.

People with Gum Diseases and Exposed Tooth Roots
People suffering from gum diseases are often discouraged from undergoing any teeth whitening procedure. Prior to availing the service, cavities and other problems should be treated first. Why? The reason is that the whitening solutions and products may penetrate into the innermost portions of the tooth, which may result in sensitivity issues. In addition, the whitening process might not always be effective for those whose teeth’s enamel layer are no longer functional.

Those Who Have Underwent Dental Restorations
Most dental restoration procedures use resin composite materials that do not whiten. Thus, using a whitening agent on them may only result in uneven hues. Most likely, the natural portions of the teeth will appear lighter and those with restorations look darker.

It is for that reason why teeth whitening procedures must be done before the placement of crowns, dentures, bonding, filling, veneers, and porcelain restoration. That way, the new teeth color becomes more obvious.

People who have been through several numerous restorations may want to consider veneers, crowns, and bonding first. If uncertain, seek the advice of your dentist.
What to Expect
Normally, people decide to avail teeth whitening services because they want to have sparkling, white teeth. But before you set your expectations too high, we’ll tell you the truth. The whitening process will only make your teeth appear naturally whiter. It’s like slightly whiter than the color of your eyes. For the smokers, be wary that the results may not be as what you expected unless you quit smoking.

If you plan to visit your dentist soon, ask about these services and let him explain the process even better. Ask questions to be sure you are satisfied with the results.

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