It is no secret that smoking is harmful to your health. With the aggressive presence of anti-tobacco campaigns, we can clearly see what damaging consequences smoking has in store. This is why it needs to be prevented before more people can become addicted to cigarettes.
However, just as quickly as they set their sights on cigarettes, they also turned on vaporizers and we can see just as many campaigns attempting to eradicate vaping. Despite this, vaping isn’t as villainous as it is advertised to be and can actually be beneficial for some individuals. The anti-vaping campaigns are also created and lobbied by the tobacco companies.
To better understand why this is, let’s take a look at some of the advantages vaping has over smoking.

What’s a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is an electronic device that stores and heats your herbs so that you can bypass the combustion process. Rather than having to wrap your herbs in a paper and light it, a dry herb vaporizer allows you to streamline the process by placing your herbs in an oven and heating it up to such a point that the active ingredients are released in the form of a vapor. Weed vaporizers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them suitable for every user.


Some of the benefits that accompany dry herb vaporizers include:

No Smoke

Combustion is the main reason why smoking is so harmful but with dry herb vaporizers, users no longer have to light up their herbs to receive the nicotine that is contained within tobacco.

Precise Temperature

You may not think of tobacco as having a pleasurable taste but this is due to the fact that you are burning the herb. When you place your tobacco into a dry herb vaporizer, you have complete control over the temperature and the experience.

Less Smell

You can smell someone who smokes. The smoke seeps into their clothing and into most everything they own, making it near impossible to get rid of the scent. Even smoking in your dorm room can cause problems. Vaporization eliminates this problem as there is no smoke involved, just vapor!


Many people may argue that they prefer smoking rather than vaping and for some, this is true as smoking is a unique experience. However, to get a better picture of why vaping may be a better alternative for you, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.


The advantages of vaping include…

Better Flavor

Without smoke in the way, you will be able to taste the full flavor that your tobacco has to offer. For some, this can be a very desirable advantage if they are true tobacco fans.


It is easy to go through cigarettes like crazy and that is neither efficient in terms of tobacco consumption or financial health. Dry herb vaporizing saves you tobacco and money in the long run.


Smokers who aren’t fans of vaping may point out these flaws in the process…


Dry herb vaporizers are indeed electric, which means that you have to charge them. If you are someone who needs tobacco consistently throughout the day, this can spell trouble if you run out of battery and have to wait hours until you can smoke again.

Doesn't Provide a Big Cloud Like Smoking

Although dry herb vaporization has come a long way, it may not be able to create the same thick, large clouds that smokers are accustomed to, which can be a huge downside to some smokers.


In terms of smoking, the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages but smokers will still list some that can be hard for other smokers to argue with. Here are the following pros and cons that come with smoking.


Smokers who love the experience may list advantages such as:

Intense Effects

Smoking tends to be a much more intense experience than vaping, which can mean that those who try to vape tobacco will still end up wanting to smoke.

No Learning Curve

Depending on the vape device that you choose, vaping can be a frustrating experience as users will have to learn how to properly operate their new vape, another problem that can lead them back to smoking as there is no learning curve required.


Some of the disadvantages associated with smoking include...

Combustion Raises Risks

Put simply, smoking is terrible for your health. The tar builds up in your lungs and puts you at risk for a wide variety of heart and lung problems. This is why vaping is a highly recommended alternative to the cigarette.

Less Control of Herbs

With a cigarette, there is no control over your experience. You simply light the tobacco and speedily make your way through the cigarette until you need the next one. It doesn’t provide the level of control that you get with a vaporizer.

Stronger Odor

The most undesirable thing about smoking is the strong odor that comes with. Even if we are able to tolerate it, most other people aren’t and it can be hard to keep up relationships when everything smells like tobacco.


Smoking is bad overall but many people don’t know where to turn to if they love tobacco but no longer want to smoke. To get a better idea of why smoking is bad and what you can do instead, just look over this comparison between smoking and dry herb vaping and start doing research for a new product to make the simple switch over from cigarettes to a vaporizer.

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