Because Arabic is spoken by 300 million people worldwide, it makes sense that the Internet would provide content for those who speak the language. But, that is not the case. That’s why Mawdoo3 offers Arabic digital content. The site is a database of information and knowledge where people can get books and other digital libraries in Arabic. Unfortunately, a gap between the number of Arab Internet users and content is huge. Tha is why Arabic digital content is needed.

While people understand Arabic as it relates to math, science or politics, they might not know that Arabs who are only number more than Russians, French and German. According to researchers, Arabic has a larger population than other languages. Economically, Arabic presence is growing online too. Researchers found that Arabic’s share of gross domestic product increased faster than other languages online. Companies have yet to capitalize on the need for Arabic content. Only four of the top 100 companies offered content in Arabic. Only one in 20 Fortune 500 firms have an Arabic website. On social media, Arabic is the fastest-growing language. Twitter users in Arab countries has gone up from 2 million people to 3.7 million people.

What Is Digital Content?

People call a number of things digital content, such as text, image, video, animation, audio, maps or e-applications. They use this content in just as many ways, such as communication, news, networking, recruitment, entertainment. electronic commerce, research, location-based services, education and training. Tools and technologies allow people to create and share that information and content. Online digital content is the driver for the Internet Ecosystem. It is available through television, books, music, movies and more. Digital content should be seen within the context of the environment and mechanisms to create, store, communicate and present it. This is not limited to the technological, but also the legal, and cultural dimensions . This holistic view is essential to deal with the right issues for its development

Value Extends Past Economics

Despite the good news financially if companies provide Arabic content, they can benefit in other areas. A survey of Arabic parents revealed that nearly 70 percent of those polled said online resources were helpful to children to read materials they missed due to school interruptions. The survey also found that 82 percent of those polled believed social media could help children who have special needs.

Companies Taking Proactive Approach

Companies like Mawdoo3 and Smartling are taking action to ensure Arabic content is available. They want to improve access to online content for Arabic-speaking people. They want to spread cultures and make the Internet multilingual. Access can become accessibility with a small move. For example, Taghreedat, a nonprofit organization that helps Arabic people has found a way for blind Arabic speakers to use Twitter. Technology can open doors and unlock chests of digital content. With increased communication comes the possibility of greater understanding between populations of diverse languages, cultures, and backgrounds. Translation may just be the skeleton key.

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