It would be understandable for some older stoners to feel a bit nostalgic from time to time. Certainly with all the new trends and ways to get high in today’s cannabis culture, it might be easy to look back in confusion on the old days of hiding cheap glass pipes and their horrid smell from mom compared to a stealthy concentrate vape pen that a kid can easily hide in a sock drawer. Still though, old traditions prevail and even with the advent of fantastic vaping technologies and a legalized market for edibles, cheap glass pipes and cool little bongs will stick around indefinitely. We are at a point where it is common knowledge among all cannabis enthusiasts that smoking anything at all, not just tobacco, presents a whole bunch of problems for your lungs. Many people are aware that there are way healthier alternatives to get stoned, with either edibles or vaping devices. At the absolute minimum, someone can take advantage of the higher THC content in concentrates and get higher off less volume of that so they don’t have to inhale nearly as much smoke. Yet, lots of people just refuse to stray from purely smoking their bud in classic cheap glass pipes or zigzag papes. There’s no definite reason for why this is, and who knows if it’s a phenomenon that really will persist through time. Maybe it’s because smoking weed still retains a bit of its old-world coolness and rebellious nature, and vaping or dabbing just seems a bit too scientific for some. Regardless of the reasoning, I’m one of those people who still smokes over vaping or dabbing, and personally I can’t really articulate what it is about the smoke that’s so much better than vape in my opinion. There’s just some magic in the ritual of rolling up a joint or preparing my bong that isn’t satisfied or complete when I hit my friend’s vape. For the sake of every stoner’s health though, I do hope to see the day we take full advantage of our progress.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.