Are you aware about Netflix? Have you ever visited its site? If the answer is ‘Yes”, then you definitely know how a single page application appears. Angular development has become extremely popular these days with popular websites like Netflix opting for it.

Let us dive deeper into the matter!

Netflix makes use of AngularJS in its client-side framework to enhance the user functionalities in their web applications. They have made their User Interface (UI) remarkably simple by making it a Single Page Application (SPA). This signifies that the navigation within Netflix is executed without refreshing the entire page. Let’s look at some of the many advantages of SPA...

Benefits Of Single Page Applications (SPA)

Enhanced User Experience (UX)

Faster Refreshing of Web Pages as less bandwidth is being used

Deployment of Application - CSS bundle, javascript bundle, and index.html - in production becomes quite easier

Use of Code Splitting to Separate the Bundles into Multiple Parts

Reasons To Use Angular JS to Develop an SPA

There are a number of javascript applications available today in the market such as backbone.js, ember.js, etc. Still, a lot of web applications make use of AngularJS to develop SPAs. Here are some of the reasons which clearly explains why AngularJS is a clear winner:

Zero Dependencies

Contrary to AngularJS, ember JS has dependencies on jQuery and handlebars. On the other hand, backbone JS has dependencies on jQuery and underscore.


Navigation between web pages created using Angular JS is quite simple in comparison to the ones developed with other javascript frameworks. The directives that are used in Angular JS are lightweight, which makes the performance metrics of Angular JS appreciable.


Once the application is developed using AngularJS, automated testing could be executed for quality assurance by using selenium. This is one of the most amazing features of applications developed with AngularJS development.

Data Binding

AngularJS approves two-way data binding, i.e. as AngularJS follows MVC architecture, so the view also gets updated whenever the model is updated. Thus, based on the preference, the data can be viewed by the user.

Support for the Browser

Majority of the browsers support AngularJS which include IE version 9 and above. It can also adapt to work on tablets, mobiles, as well as laptops.


AngularJS supporting agility implies that it can procure new requests from businesses when they arrive into competitive work environments.


If you are also looking to build SPAs, then AngularJS is the clear choice. Although the latest version of AngularJS (Angular) provides more functionalities. You can also get in touch with an AngularJS development company to make your development process smooth. For more updates, send us an email and we will get back to you soon.

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