But it happens that our Guardian angel are silent, and we urgently need to get an answer to a very important question for us. How to be? Ask them about it directly, and the answer will come. The main thing is to look into all eyes and carefully listen to everything we are told.

For example, at the end of a hard, frosty winter, tired and upset, take a taxi. It seems that everything in your life is so bad that it cannot be worse: there are troubles at work, there is a quarrel with my husband, the children have broken their hands, it looks terrible. Your emotions are extremely negative, your mood is no worse, in general, depression is evident. "When will all this end ?!" - in desperation about yourself you ask. Raise your eyes and see a billboard, on which, next to a bouquet of tulips, there is a bright inscription: "Spring is coming!" Well, isn't that the answer to your question - in the spring, everything in our life, as a rule, changes for the better.
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The main thing, having received advice, do not forget to thank those who gave it to you - a mentally said “thank you” will be quite enough.

And so that this does not happen anymore, you need to be taught to understand their “angelic language”. Of course, they do not speak with us in some kind of linguistic-constructed language, but their signs constantly surround us.

For example the hidden value of the number 626, the spiritual body relies on two aspects that determine its development. So the actions themselves that say in which direction you are going to develop. So development involves heaven and over the surface of the earth. Secondly, according to actions and karma for these actions, you develop your consciousness and build a rocket to return to your star.

The hidden meaning of the number 1033, only the fire of consciousness warms us and illuminates our path. In the underground world, this is a torch that disperses fears, horrors, and we understand that our fears are from what we have filled ourselves. Yes, fears are projections of everything that lives in us and there is darkness in our consciousness when we think narrowly fragmentary. Such people become victims of sectarians who manipulate your mind trying to instill their own. They do not understand many things and in the first place, that a crowd can only come to Hell. Paradise is available to singles who understand what Paradise is. Therefore, they do everything so that paradise first of all comes to their souls first. For holiness cannot be overshadowed by its primitive understanding of Paradise itself, which they allow.
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