Hospital equipment is extremely expensive and is used to save peoples’ lives on a daily basis. That’s why it’s essential to keep track of medical stock by applying asset tags to anything valuable.

These self-adhesive security labels can be applied to beds, X-ray machines, bins, trolleys, heart monitors and an array of other essential items. They can be bought in bulk from reputable stores and are available in an array of shapes and sizes. Curved tags can sit on uneven surfaces and most labels are resistant to solvents, abrasion, steam cleaning and harsh weather conditions – meaning they are ultra -durable. Self-laminating tags protect handwritten messages (which could be very useful in a hospital environment) and personalised tags can help specify the things that belong to a specific ward.

Each label has a sequential number or a barcode that can be scanned into an inventory management system. This allows every product to be recorded effectively and reduces the risks associated with manual data entry. Hospital management and staff members can see equipment that’s available on-site and can order in new first aid kits, sterile bins, hand gels (or anything else) when necessary. The process is quick, simple and is ideal for large medical institutions. In a busy environment, asset tags can really help speed up some of the more monotonous processes.
Placing asset labels to hospital belongings can also let the right people know what’s lost, stolen or missing. If something goes walkabouts, the inventory database will flag up exactly what has left the building. The item can then be replaced or the incident reported to the police. Every computer, telephone or laptop might look the same, but they’ve all got important (and different) roles to play within a hospital. Therefore, stock shortages must be addressed as soon as possible – which is where adhesive labels can help.

What’s more, asset tags can prevent people from stealing thing in the first place. They show that all equipment’s accounted for and make everything look professional. Asset tags also leave a nasty mark or a security message when they’re removed – making products hard to resell. They protect everything from keyboards to surgical equipment and deter both hard core and opportunistic thieves. The thought of people taking people from hospitals is unthinkable, but it does happen and must be stopped. The NHS is not rolling in money, so every penny has to be spent wisely.
Asset tags might only be small but they can make a world of difference to hospitals and other organisations. They are available at affordable prices, so why not work out how many you need and order a today?

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Matt Hornsby is a Health and Safety expert that writes for