There are days when our panic attack is just so dreadful that we wish to take a pill so that the attacks will stop. Sadly though, reality sets in and we notice that this is impossible because none of us knows why do people have panic attacks and how to automatically stop a panic attack. Lives of many people are already ruined because of the illness and more are maybe at stake.

Now, let me give you some pointers on what causes panic attacks and how to stop panic attacks and what to do to manage its signs. I think that the worst amongst the other symptoms of panic attack is difficulty of breathing. The feeling of drowning or being drowned is so tangible that it drives most of us to a conclusion that death is near. The best plan for me, I believe is to handle the symptom first. Through this, you can get rid of the worst sign of the illness and you can also reduce the injury that comes with panic attacks.

Two ways are available to resolve this symptom - meditation and breathing therapy. Meditation is said to be the art of concentrating on keeping the negative energies away, and the positive energies inwards. Meditating is very revitalizing and easy to do, but you have to be very patient and concentrated when doing it. Meditating is perfect to help you calm down and relax your head.

On the other hand, breathing therapy is more centered on science in treating the symptom The pursed lip breathing exercises is generally directed by your therapist. When you hyperventilate, the interchange of gases between your lungs and the environment gets highly abnormal and that could be very unhealthy for you. The pursed lip breathing method will aid you to have a regular breathing pattern and also helps you to be stress-free.

Also a common symptom of panic attack is tachycardia. A medical word for an increased heart rate or heart beat is called tachycardia. This condition can pose a danger and can result to hypertension also called high blood pressure.

Medicines will be of big help to control this. Beta-blockers are perhaps the most accessible and efficient drugs doctors use to manage this sign. Most people are familiar with these drugs for their effectiveness in lowering your blood pressure by slowing your heart rate.

Benzodiazepines also has similar result. These drugs works to block or reducing your sympathetic nervous reaction. Epinephrines and norepinephrines are expelled by your body to battle any events that causes stress. The body will counter to this by an apparent increase in the heart rate; so, by preventing your sympathetic nervous response, you will also be able to prevent the symptoms.

As I have mentioned, stopping panic attacks requires lots of motivation; but if you are dedicated to really acquire the treatment methods, it will be worth it in in the future. The drugs that are available may seem very promising to you, but you must not depend on it and you ought to talk to your physicians first before using it.

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