Why do people rush into relationships? During my forty odd years of working as a psychic tarot card reader and relationship adviser I have often come across people, usually elderly or very young females, who want to throw themselves wholeheartedly and seriously into a relationship with a guy they barely know. Maybe they have spoken to him online or met him once somewhere and they immediately think to themselves that he is the one and he must want the same.
They rarely stop to think about if they are compatible or if he wants the same in the future that they do, and if the other person is married they convince themselves that the married one is miserable with their partner and will end their existing relationship for them.

Eventually they end up coming to someone like me, a top psychic, who is there to help them to see the light. But they usually approach this in a "he must come to me and marry me" sort of way, expecting me to tell them that he will do what they want or do some sort of magic spell to make sure he does.

Just recently I had a client who was a female aged about eighty, she hated being single, she very much wanted to be with someone - to her it was all about a man taking on the responsibilities or taking care of her financially and in practical ways. She threw herself at every man who came along with no thought to if they were suitable. After a bit a married man came along and chatted to her. He was very happily married with no interest in cheating or leaving his wife, yet this woman decided he would be the one and went to dozens of psychics looking for proof that he would leave his wife to be with her. As she was quite demanding, pushy and aggressive she got very argumentative and nasty towards anyone who did not say what she wanted to hear. Eventually she went to consult a woman who realised it was easier to tell her what she wanted to hear so promised her this man would leave his wife and marry her. Off this eighty year old lady went, walking on air. Until about a year later she realised it was untrue.

But let us look at the facts! This guy had been happily married for more than thirty years. He got on great with his wife and loved her dearly. Was he going to give all of that up to please a lady he barely knew? Had never dated or slept with? No. Common sense would have told her that.

If you are single and you want a relationship be cautious. Do not throw yourself into it simply because you are single or bored with your current partner. Think carefully about what you want from it and what the other person wants and if it could work out.

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