Over the years I have met lots of people who get ill and expect someone to care for them… and many times they are let down.


Expectations are a type of desire. We want something to be a certain way… and this leads to great pain and suffering. Because many times what we want doesn’t turn out the way we expected. So if we let go of expectations… and decide to allow people to be themselves and care for their own needs. Then we are never let down.

Live in the World Now

The most important part is living in the here-and-now. Expectations keep us locked in the future or the past and thus we are never able to be present in the here-and-now. For the future does not exist yet, and the past is already over. And to dwell on the past only recreates our past in the present moment. And dwelling on the future constantly keeps us from ever enjoying the moment we have right now. And Great Spirit said: “I AM THAT I AM”.

There are No Guarantees in Life

No matter what we do there are no guarantees in life… we may try very hard to make things work out. But in the end, all the unforeseen events that take place in our lives such as losing our house, weather changes, earthquakes, people leaving, losing jobs and so much more… that in reality there are no guarantees of any kind.

Be Like the Birds

The birds outside are always cheerful no matter what they have going on. I remember there being in a hurricane and the birds were looking for a place to hide. But when the hurricane passed the birds started chirping and singing because they were alive. And that is a great way to be… being happy all the time for all the blessings that we have in the moment.

Live Now - Expect Little from Others - Have Gratitude - Be Happy

So live in the here-and-now. Expect very little and have gratitude for even the smallest of things that come your way. And remember to smile, laugh all the time, and enjoy this precious moment that has been bestowed upon you… it will never return again. And most of all have a great love for the Divine.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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