Getting a massage can do many things for a person. It can loosen all of the muscles that have tightened up due to stress or labor, but it can also relax you and generally make you feel better. This is why it is so sad that there are still so many people that avoid a massage due to misconceptions. Sadly, misconceptions still abound when it comes to massages. Some of the most common misconceptions are that the tables are covered in germs, that it will hurt you rather than help you, the list goes on. None of these things are true, yet they continue to cause people to miss out of the benefits of having a massage. If you have doubts or are new to massages, the best thing you can do is take the time to educate yourself about the process. This includes learning about the different types of massages (there are several), learning about the schooling that a trained masseuse goes through, learning about sanitizing techniques and anything else that you want to know. Also, if you have never had a massage before, but have decided to give it a try, take the time to learn about the best ways to prepare for your first massage. While it will take some time and research to find all of the information you need to debunk the various misconceptions, it is much easier to learn about preparing for your first massage. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what you will find here, tips and information to help you prepare for your massage.

The first thing you need to do is find the best spa or massage therapist for you. Keep in mind that it is only possible to learn so much via research in this particular area. All you can do is search for someone that meets the necessary qualifications, make an appointment, and see how it goes. Keep in mind that if you do not like the first person you find, you can always find someone else for your next massage. You are not obligated to with the first one you choose, especially if you not one hundred percent comfortable for any reason whatsoever. Before you go search for available spas, it is important to decide what qualifications you are going to look for in a massage therapist. For example, some people only want a female therapist others only want a male. This can be for many reasons. For example, many women do not feel comfortable getting a massage from a strange man, therefore, they always choose a female massage therapist. Regardless, take the time to decide what you want in a massage therapist. Once you know, you can begin searching. The easiest way to find out what your options are, locally, is to search the internet for listings. This will allow you to see websites, blogs, social media pages, mentions on review sites, phone book listings, and much more all in one place. There are many different ways you could potentially search for what you are looking for but it is best to keep it simple when at all possible. An example of a good, simple search is “massage near me”. Short, simple, and to the point. This will go much better with search engine algorithms than a long and complicated search.

After you have found somewhere to get a massage and have made an appointment, it is time to prepare yourself for that appointment. One of the first things people often ask is whether or not they really have to be naked. The answer is, it is up to you. Some people prefer to be completely naked during there massage. Keep in mind if you do choose to be completely naked, you will still be covered by a sheet and the massage therapist will only uncover the area that is being massaged. For example, if you are having your shoulders massaged, the only part of your body that will be exposed is your shoulders. Many people choose to leave on underwear during a massage, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it is your prerogative. For anyone who wears a bra, if you choose to leave it on during the massage, the therapist will not be able to adequately massage the area where the straps or band are. If you are afraid of being exposed, keep in mind that you will be lying face down on the table which means nothing on the front of your body with being exposed and the rest of you will be covered by a sheet. The massage therapist will not be in the room while you disrobe and get situated on the table. This means that you will have complete peace to disrobe.

Along the same line of thinking, take the time to catch a shower before your massage. Remember that someone is going to be spending a lot of time very close to you. If you do not have time for a full shower, wipe yourself down with baby wipes or something similar. Also, because the massage therapist will likely be using oils and possibly lotions, it is best to avoid adding any of these things yourself ahead of time.

Next, be careful about eating before your appointment. It is fine to eat a snack, but do not eat a heavy meal right before getting on the massage table, you will regret it. If you are going to eat before your appointment, it is best to do so at least an hour beforehand. Keep in mind that the pressure on the body will expedite digestion which can cause flatulence. Neither you or the massage therapist want that. If you must eat close to your appointment, keep it very light with a small snack.

Finally, do not be afraid to be vocal during the massage. This does not mean constantly moaning or saying how good it feels. Rather it means if you need something different if the pressure is too light or too hard if something doesn't feel right speak up. You are paying for a service and you get what you for. If something needs to change, say so, the massage therapist is not a mind reader.

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