The mobile time attendance tracking system is ordinarily in use by small and large corporations, government bodies, and individuals. Because of the versatility of various jobs, people have to work outside the office in many circumstances. So how to track time spent on duties performed far away from the desk? That is where the best mobile attendance application UAE comes in aid.
Tracking employees' time accurately is a critical task for companies today. Without monitoring the exact time of field force, employee's companies could be losing money. But by using this mobile attendance system, companies can streamline the employee time tracking process, cut down on employee time theft and free up HR management to focus on other tasks.

With inventing mobile apps, managing remote field workers' attendance is not a big problem for companies like FMCG, which has the most sales & services teams working in fields. With the best mobile attendance application UAE, the HR manager can monitor workforce clock-in and clock-out punches and verify whether they are starting their day at the right time in the client's place.

With the mobile time attendance system's help, an employee can snap their current location and give his attendance by clicking Check-In / Check out. In this procedure of location-wise attendance, the data will be moved to the web application along with the location photo.

The mobile time attendance system assists you in tracking the live field employee attendance simultaneously with client location. With this system, it is effortless to manage each & every field force employee attendance. This technological escalation eliminates the use of paperwork needed for attendance marking and monitoring. This system is operated on mobile phones, so there is no need for a laptop or computer.

To know the employee's attendance location, the mobile application uses GPS information to ensure that the right employee is at the right place to work. The mobile time attendance system also has an in-built face recognition technology to monitor & verify the employee's face. This feature reduces the risk of fake or buddy clocking.

To monitor employee shifts, synchronize, and planning the workflow mobile time attendance system is the best. It also assists in allocating resources.

Just by installing a time attendance tracking app on your mobile phone accommodates you to keep a hand on work. It is particularly useful for employees who have a fieldwork or operate on a site with no access to paper timesheets or spreadsheets practiced in the company's headquarters or for those who go for meetings with clients or employees who travel frequently.

The mobile version of the employee time attendance system is convenient, readily accessible, and you can take it with you wherever you go. All you need is your smartphone!

Time and attendance come under the functioning of HRMS because everybody has to punch in and out at least once a day. But the contemporary HRMS offers much more than a punch clock. Most time and attendance modules now enable managers to fix schedules, track the number of hours worked, manage time off, and maintain all the associated data immediately to the payroll module every month. And with the mounting impact of mobile and contingent workers, having a mobile time attendance system can be helpful, as it can be accessed from anywhere with certain advantages.

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