English is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world. But did you know that publishing a website only in English could be doing your business more harm than good? Read on to know why you should use ConveyThis translate your website today.

English is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world and is considered as the vehicular language of business, among many other things. So it seems logical to assume that publishing a website with English content is enough to obtain a good base of potential customers. In fact, in a world where English seems to be everywhere, the translation seems somewhat outdated and irrelevant, right? Not really. Just because English is one of the 3 most spoken languages ​​in the world does not mean it is best to reach your customers. In this article, we analyze the problem of publishing a website only in English and explain why it is important to translate it, even in a world dominated by this language.

Why English is not enough only

It's very clear: Not everyone speaks English. In fact, even in English-speaking markets, it is not possible to guarantee that each and every client speaks the language. Look at any English-speaking market (such as England, the United States or Australia, for example), and you'll find large populations that don't consider English their first or "main language." In England, for example, the 2011 census showed that about 10% of the population does not consider English as their primary language.

In fact, he showed that in certain parts of London, more than 25% of the local population communicates in a language other than English. If you have an English business in London, a significant portion of your customers will feel more comfortable shopping in another language. If you want, you can ignore these statistics and force those customers to adapt. Many companies do it, just because the translation issue is a daunting task. But this seriously limits the potential of your sales. According to statistics from the European Commission, 90% of European customers always visit a web page in their language if they have that option.

Up to 42% of customers admit that they would never buy a product if the accompanying information is not in their mother tongue. Something understandable. As a native in your country, it is very easy to ignore the challenge of shopping and living your life in another language. But this is so for many people. Luckily, by translating your website, you will be helping to adapt your services to these people, and greatly increase the potential of your business.

Internet: A Global Market

We have already made it clear why it is not enough to publish online content only in English. Instead of lamenting the number of customers you may have lost, let's focus on the positive side. You literally have a world of opportunities ahead. By leaving your comfort zone and translating your website, you will have the opportunity to increase the conversion potential considerably. Remember: the internet is a global market. According to 2014 statistics from the UN International Telecommunication Union, approximately 40% of the world's population has access to the internet, and this figure is increasing. And you, as an online company, have the unique possibility to enjoy your own piece of the cake. Here are 4 reasons why you should translate your website into English.

1: Internationalization

Do you remember that we have said that 40% of the world's population has access to the internet? That's about 3,000 million people online. Better yet, there are 3,000 million potential customers if you play your cards well. If you want to expand your business, translation is a key part of your arsenal. By offering your content in more than one language, you will have the opportunity to leave your local market and start dealing with customers from all over the world.

2: Translation = Growth

It is clear that translation breaks the barriers between your company and the world population. And this translates into huge growth potential. Best of all, you will only have to translate into a few languages ​​to start getting benefits. If, for example, you have your business in the United States, translating your website into Spanish will allow you to reach 37 million people. Or, if you operate from Canada, just by translating your content into French, you can target 7.3 million more people (more than 20% of the Canadian population). It is obvious. Translate your website and you will have the opportunity to expand your business, even with only a language other than English.

3: Places you before the competition

Competition is one of the biggest challenges of online business. If you have an e-commerce website, for example, you will be competing with more than 12 million online stores. On the other hand, if you have a blog, you will be doing it with at least another 150 million bloggers. While the online market is full of opportunities, it is also full of competitors. And this competition is increasing. Fortunately, there is a simple way to help you make your business stand out. By translating your content, you will have an advantage in relation to your competitors in English; and who knows? Maybe this is enough to put you at the head of the platoon.

4: Generate Trust and Loyalty

Trust and loyalty are the gold medals of the Olympic branding games. The creation of a loyal and trusted audience is what differentiates some of the world's most successful businesses from the rest. A 2014 report shows that 74% of customers are more likely to make purchases at a company that offers an after-sales service in their language. The same report indicates that more than 58% of companies that offer multilingual support, found that their customers are more loyal to their brand. When making the decision to translate your website, you can offer your customers customized service. And, in the same way, that you will help your business to demarcate from the competition, in the long run you will gain credibility and trust globally.

Begin to Translate Today!

As you can see, it is possible to obtain many advantages of translating your website - it will provide you with a much wider audience. Think about what markets you want to work in and start translating in your languages.

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