Hair transplant is a newly advanced cosmetic procedure in terms of cost perspective to sort out the problem of baldness. Previously, the procedure of hair transplant is one of the costly concerns and only people from the cream layer of the society take the benefits of this cosmetic procedure, but now it is easily available to all economic groups of people and that is why it attracts the foreign people as well when we talk about the procedure in India itself.
The restoration of hair implies the shifting of hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient one in such a way that the people get a head full of hair without any side effects with all natural results and aesthetic concerns. The hair roots that are shifted from the donor area contains the DHT resistant characteristics and retain these properties even after the removal of hair roots from the donor area and this is the most important aspect of the hair restoration procedure that explains the nature of sustainability and lifelong effect on the hair follicles. The hair follicles that picked from the back and sides of the scalp refer to the safe donor area. Usually, the top, the front portion and the middle part of the scalp are termed as the unsafe zone because the initial sign of the hair loss appears in these areas. The unsafe area of the scalp has the DHT sensitive hair roots, which is affected by the Androgen hormone tends to fall out and presents the hair loss in a different grade causes the main problem of baldness.
The motto of hair transplant procedure is to offer the aesthetic outcomes in terms of natural hairline design as well as the high-density coverage to fulfil the aesthetic desire of the patient, who is facing the problem of baldness.
In the context of cost and place, the hair transplant in Jaipur is the prime destination for the restoration procedure in India.
Why Jaipur is the hub of the cosmetic procedure, especially for the hair transplant are as described below:
Best hair transplant Surgeon
It is a matter of pride that our Indian Surgeons are counted as the best hair transplant Surgeon among the world and people from across the globe choose first India to get the procedure. The pink city Jaipur is well known for the cosmetic surgery procedure and the procedure of hair restoration has fully gained their value in this city in terms of the successful result and aesthetic output that can be seen from the many restoration forums and World’s reputed societies of the hair restoration. Jaipur always weighs the benefits of the tourism and in terms of the medical tourism, the city explains the value for the cost and that is why the Surgeons of this city focus on the cost value service with utmost care and facilities.
Utmost medical concerns with aiding Value
The hair transplant clinics in Jaipur truly explains the medical concerns in terms of the usable equipment, technology, setups, tools as well as the measure for the hygienic standard. The clinics/centres of the hair restoration in Jaipur are fully equipped with the modern and advanced technology in which German microscopes, Carl Zeiss lenses, robotic punching machine, and expert technicians in a large number ion almost all clinics of Jaipur is very common, which weigh a special concern for the people from all over the World.
Cost Concern keeps the Budget value of the People
The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur is counted as a one of the most selective and affordable due to their considerable factors. The cost of the procedure based on the grafts/hair follicle number and that explains the true expenditure of the procedure termed as the fairest manner of putting the price for the procedure. The per graft cost in Jaipur ranges between the Rs 30-120 INR and it is just one-fourth of the cost of the procedure that is taking the first World countries like the USA, The UK and in Europe.
On the whole, we can say that the cost of the hair transplant in Jaipur is an affordable along with the care of the expert Surgeons and the way of doing the procedure in Jaipur is fully equipped with the all the modern facilities and advanced technology weigh the value that segregated it as a prime destination for the hair transplant procedure.

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