Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who understands the latest breast enhancement techniques, trends and options as they would be the best option for you and help you in choosing the right type of implant surgery.

There are many reasons why women might need breast implants, like experiencing loss of volume after having children or losing weight or to help balance out asymmetrical breasts. With the advent of latest technologies, the implant options have considerably increased and surgical techniques, breast augmentation today are now even better than ever. They can aid a woman in getting the natural look she wishes and wants to get, while also improving her self-confidence and body image.

While there are plenty of different factors or parameters that go into getting the beautiful results you might want. But, these basic three benefits of modern breast augmentation surgery will make it easier for you to choose and decide. Moreover, you can consult breast augmentation in Mumbai for more information and knowledge on this subject. They will help you in building your decision easier than ever before for looking and feeling like the best version of yourself.

New breast implant options

Silicone and saline breast implants are still the two primary types of implants, but with the silicone being the most popular. And within this category only, the women have a few newer options to choose from. For instance, "Gummy bear" breast implants are shaped like a teardrop. The sloped shape mimics the contours of natural breasts, with much more fullness at the bottom and as well as gives a tapering effect towards the top. While on the other hand, the Round implants can usually create a fuller and more projected look than the anatomical implants.

Nowadays, High-strength cohesive (HSC) silicone gel is yet another breakthrough technology which can be used for making the breast implants. Though the HSC is the strongest type of silicone available in the market, the resulting implants possibly remain much softer and provide a natural-feeling to the touch. In addition to this, the bottom line here is that now the women have a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to choose the right breast implant for their individual body goals and body shape.

Improved technique

Moreover, in the context of having a larger range of implant options, you can also discuss a few more different surgical techniques with your plastic surgeon. They can help you to choose and decide what might be the best for you.

A plastic surgeon who is experienced with an aesthetic eye might just help you in choosing the right type of incision and breast implant placement based on your requirements and needs. In these recent years, Fat transfer breast augmentation has also become more popular and this option can be extremely great for women who aren't necessarily interested in getting breast implants but are still in search for some extra volume. Your plastic surgeon will start with the liposuction to collect all unwanted fat from other areas of your body during the fat transfer breast augmentation surgery like your abdomen, love handles or hips. And then, this excess fat is carefully and directly injected into your breasts, without leaving any scars behind. The technique of fat transfer can be ideal for a woman who just wants a subtle increase in her breast volume or for further enhancing the results of a previously done breast augmentation procedure.

Emphasis on natural-looking results

Few years ago, breast implantations were viewed as something very dramatic but eventually they also resulted in eye-popping results. Today, for most women, the goal of breast augmentation is to increase their breast volume and to improve the asymmetry in their breast subtly to get a natural looking and smooth result thereafter. You can refer a board certified plastic surgeon too as they can help you in starting off great and also in getting the desired outcomes that you're looking for. They might as well create a customised surgical plan that's specifically designed for you to meet your individual requirements or needs.

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