The R programming language has been around since the early 90s. While it’s always been a workhorse among those charged with sorting and manipulating large data sets, the open source language may only now be fully coming into its own, thanks to advances in machine learning.

With Python, R programming and its versatility in mathematical operations, visualizations, model building, have made it a foundational tool in developing artificial intelligence and teaching machines to start thinking for themselves. That makes it a tool with a lot of future application. So join Best R programming course in Noida and take your career to new heights.

In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of R programming which proves why it is the next big thing.

R is a Free, Open Source Language:

To begin with, R is freely available! This implies anyone can download R from the internet and begin working on it. You can even change the code and add your own innovations to it. R language has no license restrictions as it is issued under the GNU (General Public License) and is an open source programming language. R can run anywhere and anytime and can also be sold adhering to the conditions of the License.

R is Cross-Platform Compatible:

One of the greatest advantages of R is that you can run R on different operating systems and various Software/Hardware. It is usually used on Microsoft Windows (32-bit as well as 64-bit), GNU/Linux, Macintosh, UNIX and its derivatives such as FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Darwin, Solaris, etc. It also works on some operating systems of Mainframes.

Most Advanced Statistical Programming Language:                                     

R programmers can work on large complicated objects (not limited to a small group of problems),  ensure the accuracy of the code, exchange data in MS-Excel, serve the history for later reference, keep a track of every computational step, pre-work on advanced statistical analysis, do intricate visualizations etc.  R is backed by very detailed technical documentation and tutorials contributed by many users. The overall structure and syntax of R is exclusively developed for statistical computation. To learn in detail about syntax of R programming join R Programming training provider in Noida.

Outstanding Graphical Outputs:

R programming language has excellent Hi-Tech graphical skills that are incomparable with any other statistical language. That’s why programmers love R. Look at the graphs created in R, whether they are histograms, boxplots, scatterplots, polygons, barplots, trees,  arrows, ggplots,  mathematical symbols all these are very effective and self-explanatory. The graphs generated with R are high in quality and as good as publication graphs!

 R easily Relates to other Programming Languages:

After understanding what R can do in business analysis, a new trend has grown where existing software, as well as emerging software, is integrated with different R packages to make them more productive. Now R is getting connected to many file systems, applications and databases. So, R relates to other programming languages easily. R is also very friendly while importing data not only from Microsoft Excel, but also, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQLite, and so on. R can also be easily connected to different databases using ODBC (Open Database Connectivity Protocol) and the ROracle package.

The greatest part about R programming is that it is more of user run software, which implies that anyone is entitled to provide code enhancements and new packages. This tool is also compatible across platforms and thereby it runs on multiple operating systems as well as hardware. It can function with similar clarity for both the Linux as well as Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Join Best R programming training classes in Noida which will provide you opportunity to become R professional.

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