Accounting is one of the most prominent industry choices towards which more and more professionals are turning to. But due to the evolution of the accounting industry, the profession of accountants has become much more than just bookkeeping.

Nowadays, if you are planning to start your accounting career then you need to add more value to your clients than just bookkeeping in order to retain or attract them. And if you want to add more value to your service then the use of advanced accounting solution like hosted QuickBooks becomes a necessity. This advance accounting solution will always keep you ahead of your competitors and that’s the right way to move forward in the industry.

So, let’s look at the points which make the hosted QuickBooks a favorable choice among all those professionals who are looking forward to making a career in accounting.


When you are going to start your accounting career then there are maximum chances that you will always be short on the budget and in such situations, you should always choose those solutions which will fit perfectly in your tight budget. The hosted QuickBooks solution is perfect according to such tight budget because along with providing advance accounting solution, this top-notch accounting solution is also quite economical. Upon comparing different hosting providers, you will find that you can choose a hosting service for your QB in less than $40/month.

Manage multiple clients

If you are the sole accountant in your starting career of accounting without any partner then managing one or two clients won’t be an issue for you. But as the number of clients will increase to even more than 7, which might happen soon, you will find it difficult to visit every client and solve their issues. So, in such cases, you will need a solution which will help you to manage all the clients’ book without personally visiting their office and that can happen only in the hosted QuickBooks solution. With the global accessibility of this brilliant accounting solution, you will be able to manage the accounts from your office desktop.

Easily scalable

The hosted QuickBooks solution is also easily scalable and if you are starting your accounting career then scalability in the solutions which you choose becomes very necessary. If you are looking forward to grow in the market which obviously is the ultimate aim of every professional, then the need of your accounting solutions will also change and that’s why you will need a solution like hosted QuickBooks which can be easily scaled up or scaled down according to your changing needs.

Without an advance and unique solution like hosted QuickBooks, your survival in the industry will become questionable as you will have to deal with a lot of issues in the old and traditional method of accounting which restricts you from giving quality accounting service to your clients.

So, starting your accounting career with hosted QuickBooks solution will give you multiple advantages over all those people who use the old accounting solution.

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Nitin Patel is content manager at Highness Cloud Hosting. He has a vast knowledge and experience about cloud accounting, cloud hosting and accounting software hosted on the cloud.