Richard Stallman is a world famous name known for blessing us free software ideas.

As he has revealed, Android is in fact quite different from the GNU Linux operating system because it contains only a part of Linux - its kernel component. So if you are thinking that by having Android phone, you are using 100% free software, come out of belief.

But ask no questions and hear no false, WordPress is 100% free and fully web enabled software.

That is the secret reason behind why you are finding at every nook and corner of your city - a WordPress web development company. Professional and personal use of software are two separate things. We can use WordPress to make a software or sell a website without dealing with any licence issues at all.

It is straightaway, no paper or legal work, you yourself can equally start Wordpress development services or WordPress customization service to earn money.

History articulately teaches us that those who do not respect or bother about freedom, have to lose it. Stop using proprietary software or website today and love your freedom.

Why WordPress Amongst Many Free Softwares

WordPress Development and Customization Services

All values go to “WordPress Freedom Philosophy” as opposed to the concept of just “Utilizing Software without Obligation.”

Briefly, for WordPress, following sayings hold true:
Liberty for
using freely
freedom to select
freedom of expression
freedom to narrate and speech
freedom without worries
freedom to recommend

What else?

Just one thing: an inspiration
“Freedom is in being you, without anyone’s permission.”

2018: The Year of WordPress and Open Source World

The Year of WordPress and Open Source World

On the date March 5, 2018, Monday, W3Techs, a web technology surveys company completed crawling of top 10 million websites. Top websites indicate those with high traffic or greater Alexa rank.

Findings determine that Wordpress stake has increased from 29.9% to 30%.

Astonishingly, it also records 50.2% of all websites that do not use any CMS(content management system) framework.

Now if we go by the figure and count share of WordPress websites amongst all world websites at least using CMS, it hilkes to 60%. Good news. Universal world wide web v2.0 is streamlining.

Count your blessings: Free Stuff on Top of Free Software

You will come across 10s of free software vendors and brands.

All with GNU licence, each one being open source.

How about pursuing them instead WordPress?

All you need is to understand that we cannot judge a book simply by looking at its cover.

Once a website is established, you will be now discovered a lot of features missing. Here comes part of the money game. You are offered many facilities in form of plugins - all with little charges and yearly subscription. This is NOT the case with WordPress.

For a direct answer, you might install below (and a myriad of other) WP plugins instantly to nurture new, commonly-used functionalities:

W3 Total Cache, for website speed performance management

Check how many “Free Trial” or “Free Basic Version” website creation brands offer above features without paying a single coin. In short, freedom should be responsible as well. WordPress has that.

WordPress is Ecosystem:You aren’t Making a Mountain On Top of An Anthill.

2000s decade is past, and 2010s business software goes beyond simple website. It includes Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP), CRM and much more.

Number one search engine company, Google, has partnered to transform WordPress framework considering its exaggerated usage over the globe. It is expanding gradually to serve as complete system, bundling features more than of a CMS. Consequently, all you need is to craft a WP website and install AMP plugin that automatically synchronizes user experience between desktop and mobile-like devices. To know more, please read here.

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Embarrass Software Freedom:WordPress Makes Now 30% of Total World Wide Web