For eCommerce stores, the issue of cart abandonment is a sort of stuff they confront day by day. It's a huge issue for eCommerce and, as indicated by the situation, it's an alarming situation for them. The cart abandonment rate has been persistently expanding step by step.

Do you know, the vast majority of the clients go to the checkout page but, before completing the transaction they leave. Have you at any point thought what the reason for it?

To comprehend the reason, why this happens to your business, endeavor to put your leg in your client's shoes.

"It's well stated, you can't comprehend the issue of your client until the point when you place yourself in their circumstance."

Here I will endeavor to tell the best purposes behind cart abandonment yet, to see all the more quickly envision yourself in your shopper's place.


In this article, I have discussed the main reasons why users abandon the cart with the conversion rate. To know more, about how to revive from the situation of cart abandonment please refer our blog Why Users Abandon you and 12 Ways to revive from Shopping Cart Abandonment.

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