Many of us need glasses. People need glasses for a variety of different purposes. Some require them to see things which are far away; others require glasses for reading whereas some people like wearing glasses because they look fashionable. No matter what the purpose behind wearing glasses is, a person must wear a pair which suits him/her and goes with the cut and shape of the person’s face.
When deciding on a pair of glasses, a person must go to a dispensing optician. Most people do not know the difference between a general optician and a dispensing optician. A general optician is a doctor who will carry out eye examinations and tests and who will test how poor or how good your sight is. He will basically test the health of your eyes and let you know how good or bad your eyesight is. A general optician can even sell you prescription glasses if your eyes require them.

Dispensing opticians on the other hand are those opticians who only sell people glasses. These opticians ensure that a particular pair of glasses fit an individual and look good on them. They then sell the glasses to these individuals. Dispensing opticians however unlike general opticians do not test or examine eyes. They are basically available to help you choose a frame for your prescribed glasses or will perhaps guide you on how to select the best type of lens. Lenses too come in a variety such as a bifocal lens or a single vision lens.

Once a person has had his/her eye exam from the optometrist, they usually visit a local dispensing optician who goes over the prescription provided by the optometrist and helps in selecting the appropriate lens and frame. Dispensing opticians also assemble the frames and lens together to make glasses for people to wear.

A person should always try and visit a local dispensing optician who is close by. This helps as the optician can be visited in case the glasses break and need repair. This does tend to occur often as glasses are quite delicate and often people do not handle them with care. Having a local dispensing optician nearby who knows the type of lens and frame you wear can be a great advantage for emergencies and when glasses are required immediately. Dispensing opticians are certainly a big help as they help people in making the right decision regarding their glasses.

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The author is interested in the role eye test plays in preventing sight problems and also works part time in an dispensing opticians where he learns about eye care