Life can give you a big present wrapped in several layers. You have to do your best to discover this present. Often our mistakes are not the mistakes at all. They are gifts for us from heaven to prosper, develop our talents, and discover our uniqueness in this world. Love can be happy and love can even does not start. The last option was about me. My love never happened in its full sense, but thanks to the feelings I had, I developed my talents and became a really very successful person.

The story of my heart is like that:

"I saw him singing and dancing in the video, and I fall in love. I knew that he will never be mine, but I hoped that one day I will meet him. That day I decided to reach him in any way: he was a popular singer, and I fell in love with him. I collected his photos, locked myself in my room, and listened to his songs, sang and cried out of my feelings. He was from a different country, so I could not reach him at once, and I dreamt about him. Then I decided to become closer to him so that he will notice me and marry. Despite the fact that I was not really physically fit at those times, I began to dream to become a dancer in one of his show, or else, I wanted to work as his housekeeper and save his life if I meet him on the streets of the city he lives. Well, I created a little plan in my mind.

I decided to take dance classes, become a professional dancer and go to the rehearsal where I will meet him… In addition, in order not to lag behind him, I made up my mind to take singing lessons and checked into a choir at my university. So, I sang and danced believing that one day I will meet him. Moreover, I prayed to God to meet with him.

I became a skilled dancer, teacher, choreographer, and a good singer, but unfortunately, I have never met him except my dreams. What's wrong with me? Was it love, or how to call this feeling?"

To be honest, these years passed, and now I realize that there was no love in its whole sense. "Love never fails, if it is love", I thought. It has no ending. What was it? Was this just a passion, which inspired me to open up my talent of a dancer and a singer?

However, let's go deeply into the meaning of the word "love". In Greek, the word "love" occurs in more than three variants. Let's analyze them:

  • Love "phileo", or love to somebody as a friend.
  • Love "eros", or love to someone as a husband or wife.
  • Love "agape", or love of God to a human being.

In my case, that definitely was a kind of love called "phileo". I needed a friend those days, therefore, I began to idealize that pop singer. He became a perfect realization of my dream friend. He was like a guiding angel for me in my life, who helped me discover my own talents.

I know that maybe one day I will meet him, but that would be a totally another story. All my past feelings transformed into a complete respect and gratitude. What would I do, if I met him today, 15 years later? Well, I would become friends with him, and nothing more, since my view of the world changed.

Now, I am a Christian believer, who wants to create a family with a normal guy, who believes in God and has common goals and confirmations. Who knows, maybe one day I will meet him with my husband? Actually, I dream my husband to tell him: "Thank you that you did not meet and marry my wife."

So, now I can only be grateful for the experience I had. To my mind, these feelings were given to me from the above to guide me to the place of my destination and discover who I am. I definitely only benefited from this “love” and consider it as a push for me to move forward. Therefore, I have nobody to blame for the thing that we have never been going out.

Nowadays, after I had become a dancer and singer myself, I understood that he was only an example given to me from God showing me my future activity. Truly, he only was a vivid reflection of my dreams and visions. He was a male representation of some qualities of my personality. Thanks to that experience I learned myself better.

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Misty Jhones