Are you getting bald? Is it the case of Androgenic alopecia or the hereditary baldness? It means this is the time to receive the hair transplant surgery that can offer you the natural hair back with the full aesthetic effect of the procedure. One can get the best advantages of the procedure if the procedure destination is chosen in India. The hair transplant in India offers many lucrative benefits to their patients with quality treatment and care. India is always a top choice of receiving the cosmetic procedure, and many of the national, as well as the international patients, got happily satisfied with the results given by the Indian hair transplant surgeons.
If the procedure is received at recognizing and reputed hair transplant clinics, it will charge a bit higher cost than other normal clinics yet it weighs a normal hair transplant cost in India.
To receive the surgical restoration of hair, it is important to have a primary consultation in order to know the status of hair loss and the feasible technique to perform the procedure. The initial consultation helps in identifying the status of the Norwood pattern, the extent of loss, the reason for baldness and many things associated with the hair loss and the scalp condition of the patients.
Why should you receive the Primary consultation in Hair Transplant Surgery?
Receiving the primary consultation is one of the most important priority tasks in hair transplant surgery. The procedure of hair restoration needs both the aesthetic and surgical concern that is why it is needed to receive the procedure only from the expert hair transplant surgeon. The initial consultation is needed in advance in order to know the status of hair loss and the recommended technique to fulfil the restoration demand of the surgery.
Why is it important to receive the Primary Consultation?
1. It explains the Reason for Baldness: The primary consultation clearly explains this fact, what the reason for baldness is and how it can treat effectively. The hair transplant surgery is allowed when someone is affected by the pattern baldness or the Androgenic alopecia. The hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution to the pattern baldness and offers permanent hair roots. The hair loss problem may occur due to any reason, either the cause is hereditary or the situational. Some autoimmune disorder like Alopecia areata or the spot baldness also causes the hair loss problem and needs the effective treatment measure.
2. It describes the scalp condition: What’s the status of the scalp is identified by the donor as well as the recipient balding areas of the scalp. In order to receive the hair transplant procedure, it is mandatory that the patient must have enough donor supply with healthy hair grafts and also the recipient areas of the scalp in such a condition when it is feasible to perform the hair transplant surgery. The patients affected by the genetic baldness or the Androgenic alopecia show the pattern hair loss in a different grade of Norwood baldness. There are 7 grades of Norwood baldness and which grade you have is identified by the primary consultation. The extent of hair loss is identified by the scalp evaluation and also confirms the things related to the donor area’s status. Thus, one must go through the primary evaluation session if they wish to receive the hair transplant surgery.
3. The Feasible Technique of the Procedure: There are two techniques of hair transplant surgery, i.e., the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. Which technique would be suitable in your case of baldness is identified by the scalp evaluation that says about the extent of hair loss and suitability of the particular technique as according to the need for the number of grafts or hair roots.
4. The time of the surgical procedure: One must know the adaptability and feasibility of the hair transplant technique in terms of receiving the procedure at a particular time so that one can get the best outcomes of the procedure. It is advisable to receive the hair transplant surgery one you attained the maturity stage means you are above the age of 25 years in order to receive the best cosmetic results. No matter what the reason for baldness and how severe it is, but receiving the hair transplant surgery requires the stable donor area as well as the recipient areas so that it would be the best to receive the consultation session prior to hair restoration surgery.
Why You Must have Hair Transplant Procedure in India?
1. One can get the Expert Treatment: By choosing the hair transplant destination in India one can get the best expert treatment and advice at the best affordable cost of the procedure. Some of the surgeons who have international accreditations and recognition have their clinic setups in India with many branches and so set them apart from the rest of other medical professionals. The Indian surgeons have the credit of offering a number of the best results of the procedure and the proof can be checked through many restoration portals and forums.
2. One can receive the Treatment at Reputed Hair Transplant Clinics: There are many good clinics in India offers the best hair transplant surgery adhered to the standard facilities and care of the treatment. Indian clinics are known for offering quality treatments as they have the best management for providing the medical facilities, especially for plastic & cosmetic surgeries.
3. The Affordable cost of the Procedure: The cost of the hair transplant surgery in India typically ranges anywhere from 2, 00,000-3, 00,000 INR/. The hair transplant cost applicable in India considered as one-fourth to the cost applicable in the USA, UK or UAE. The cost is modest and so influenced patients to join the medical tourism in India, especially for the plastic & cosmetic surgeries.
On the whole, we can say that the procedure destination is chosen in India satisfy one’s need and demand by offering the best cosmetic facilities at an affordable cost of the procedure.

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Smeeth John is an expert author for medical content, giving contributions to the Medispa hair transplant centre as a hair transplant consultant and having more than a decade experience in writing content to different fields as a part of their passion for building an in-depth knowledge about the hair transplant Cost in India