Deciding on whether to cut or bulk up can often be confusing. For the most part, you know the exact physique you hope to achieve, but you not so sure as to the best route to get there.

Do you “cut” – shedding off excess fat and becoming leaner but meaner, or do you “bulk” – gaining as much muscle as possible in the shortest possible time? Although bulking might seem attractive thanks to its ability to build your muscle mass as quickly as possible, cutting might be your ideal option. Consider three top reasons why you should start cutting today.

Cut down on Body Fat Percentage

Bulking improves your muscle mass, but it also increases your body fat. It could also be that you have large amounts of body fat. A man with more than 15% body fat and a lady with more than 25% body fat are best served by cutting.

There’s no reason to add to your body fat by bulking or to leave it as is simply because you wish to have larger muscles. Persons who are overweight or who have a high body fat percentage will find that cutting will help them shed some of this excess fat, keeping them healthier while working towards the goal of being more muscular and ripped.

More Pronounced Muscles

If you cut correctly, your muscles will become more pronounced despite your fat loss. This is no rocket science. Shedding fat off your muscles allow your muscles to become more defined, looking more impressive and pronounced in the process.

Yes, you can keep bulking, deriving joy from measuring your muscle thickness with the tape. But the tape does not tell the whole story. If you want your looks to match your effort, cutting is the ideal option of choice. You will be able to retain your muscle mass – unharmed, losing only excess fat, while also getting to look more ripped and jacked rather than big and fat. To put it simply, cutting allows your muscles to look bigger than they should be if you’re only bulking.

Improved Aesthetics

Your primary goal when you begin lifting weights is likely to improve your looks – to look better than you currently do. “While building more muscle might set you on your way to achieving that aim, it often isn’t enough – especially if you decided to bulk along the way,” says Jack Parker of Muzcle.

Bulking for a little while forces you to gain some fat, often gaining fat even on your face – which becomes more bloated and puffy. This also means your muscles (abs included) are less defined, though bigger.

When you begin cutting, you shed off all this extra weight – even those on your face! You thus improve your general physique and appearance, with your face also shaping up to be meaner and leaner with your clear masculine cheekbones visible to all.

Let’s face it; cutting makes you appreciate yourself much more than bulking ever will. No one wants to look or feel fat, worse yet when you are attempting to get ripped. For those interested in cutting, Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk is an excellent cutting-cycle supplement to help you get rid of all the body fat you must have packed. This legal steroid is both safe and legal, helping you achieve your goal of a leaner, meaner muscular look in no time.

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