Are you tired of spams? We have a great solution for you, temporary email addresses. Disposable email addresses come in handy when you are subscribing to an unknown newsletter. They are usually referred as an anti-spam solution and it is easy to use. Basically, disposable email addresses enable you to get emails and delete when you decide. In this article, we have focused on you how can use throwaway email addresses.

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Why You Should Have Temporary Email Address

There are numerous of reasons why you should use a temporary address. Some of them are:

Free of Spam

The very first reason is to keep yourself safe and protected. The disposable email will protect your privacy by keeping your personal email free of spams and marketing emails.

When you are using the internet, sometimes to download something from a website, you need to subscribe. For the subscription, you are supposed to enter your email address to get a confirmation email. When you give your email, it becomes a target for marketing companies. In today's advanced world, when you give your email, it is sold to a third-party marketing company. These companies then start sending you emails and result in filling your inbox with spam.

Protecting Your Identity on Sellers and Buyers Site

Another reason for having a temporary email address is to protect your identity on selling sites like Craigslist. These sites have a free proxy email address so you won’t have to reveal your personal email address. Unfortunately, when you reply to a message, your email address is revealed. In order to protect yourself, you can use a disposable email address. When you will be interacting with the buyer or seller, you can use this email address.

Reasons to Use EmailOnDeck

There are plenty of sites that offer you disposable email address, but not all of them are reliable. One of the best websites is EmailOnDeck, it is a great site that gives you online security. We provide you temporary email addresses that you can dispose of. Our aim is to help you in protecting your privacy and avoid spam. It is useful when someone insists that you give them your email address. It is better to not give your personal email address to every company. Instead, you can use the temporary email. All the email addresses we assign work best with all the site and apps. We help you in controlling who gets your personal information.

Here are some of the benefits of using EmailOnDeck.

• It is simple, free and easy to use
• It protects your privacy as it will not let spam in your inbox
• You can create temporary email in just 2 steps
• It used by professionals all around the world

Therefore, having a temporary email address will be very useful in today’s world that is full of threats. A disposable email address will keep you safe online and you can get rid of spams. So, with EmailOnDeck, you can say goodbye to all the spams and security threats.

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