Subsequent to being in a difficult and troubled relationship for a long time, it is normal to consider the possibilities of dating once your separation is recorded. In any case, it is imperative to utilize alert before bouncing back into the dating pool or getting into another relationship as it could have serious implications on your divorce proceedings. Listed below are four important reasons why dating during a divorce is generally not a good idea.
It generally takes time to recover from the break-up
Getting into a new relationship soon after a breakup is considered as ‘rebounding’ and its quite unfair for you as well as the other party involved. Psychology Today exhorts that regardless of whether you have been encountering issues with your marriage for a considerable length of time, it is essential to experience the lamenting procedure during a separation. It is deemed appropriate to give yourself some time to get over the sour relationship.
Divorce proceedings are time-consuming
Even if you are not involved in a complex divorce process, meeting with your divorce attorney, going to hearings, and arranging divorce settlements requires a significant investment of time and energy. Attempting to shuffle another relationship during this procedure can leave you feeling pulled in various ways.
Your children will need extra attention during your divorce
In the event that you are a parent going through a divorce, it is likely that your children may need more of your attention during this time. They may experience an outburst of emotions including anger and sadness, which could put a strain on another relationship. On your part, it is necessary to utilize your time in taking care of the well-being of your children.
It could likewise affect your privileges when making child time-sharing plans under the Illinois Statutes.
Dating could impact your divorce-related settlements
As you are considered married, even if you have filed for a divorce, getting into a new relationship could be termed as adultery and it may impact your rights to alimony and marital property division.
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