Web based school management software has been designed in such a way that it will cover all the needs of an educational institutions. Every single details and data about the school is well managed with the school management software along with the norms of the school. School management software provides comprehensive methods that give flexibility to schools as per their requirement. School ERP is designed and developed after deep analysis of requirement that needed for various schools. The major purpose of school is that it provides mechanisms for automated management of the educational institution. The chances of error are negligible and web based school management software ensures that information reached to the destination properly.

Why We Need School Management Software?

These days many schools are facing various challenges such as:
1. Lack of interconnection between departments of school.

2. Managing student’s data records error free is quite tough for staff members.

3. Access to student records is very time taking process.

4. Accessing data from files becomes a crucial task.

5. Too much of stationary work is involved.

6. Level of accuracy is not an easy task to maintain while maintaining the financial record of the school.

Some of the features of School management Software

1. Streamline The Function of School

Web based school management software helps school significantly in managing the data and standardization of the school function by setting up norms for every single process. School management software creates a bridge between school management and parents, so that they can interact with each other anytime and anywhere.

2. Comprehensive Reporting System

A powerful Effective Reporting System helps school to assess the performance of staffs members and students in an effective way. Web based school management software creates a robust report of school with flexibility. It empowers the user to analyze the performance and quality of the software by its quality report.

3. Strengthens Relationship among Various Entities

School Management Software not only helps you managing your school perfectly but it also bridges the gap among various entities like parents, teachers, students and school managements. It brings satisfaction among parents because they can easily get the ward’s performance by communicating there teachers online.

4. N- Tier Architecture

Web based school management software allows multiple users to assess data from a single database simultaneously from anywhere. It helps in sharing information on a real time basis.

5. End-to-End solution

School management Software gives a fully integrated system that helps in the calculation of salary of the teachers or new student enrollment and it manage to keep the record of the students and teacher whether they are coming regularly or not.

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Hey Guys i am Soniya Singh and i am a software developer in IFCON Technologies. Recently, i have developed an ERP system for all the educational institutions. IFCON School Pro is web based school management software developed in PHP, which helps you to manage your school or college institutions more efficiently. This application covers all aspects of an educational institutions starting from admissions to alumni.

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