The Panic Away method was discovered by Joe Barry, a former sufferer of general anxiety disorder and panic attacks. It was the anxiety and panic attacks that drove him to study with leading psychologists, read each book obtainable and try all of the tactics out there. This all lead him to figuring out a technique of tackling the dilemma at its root trigger. The Panic Away program focuses round a technique referred to as the 21-7 technique, or 1 move technique, and assists users of the program tackle their fear of having one more panic attack and break out of the vicious cycle that causes sufferers to grow to be trapped by their own fear and anxiety. It assists the users of the course to turn out to be a lot more confident in themselves.

Unlike other programs accessible, it doesnt demand you to commit to an intensive and time consuming program. It doesnt use hypnosis either. Despite the fact that hypnosis could be utilized to treat addictions like smoking, it demands a confident mind to permit you to fall into a hypnotic state and people who suffer from anxiety and panic attack may well not be susceptible to hypnosis. Nor does it use Neuro-linguistic programming. Though widely referred to as a technique of helping individuals discover ways to have greater, richer and fuller lives, the NLP method has in no way received recognized academic recognition.

The Panic Away program uses a cognitive method based on years of analysis in standard psychology. It can be easy sufficient for anybody to make use of, even if they've spent years suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. The program has been developed over several years with the assist of psychologists to deliver a method that is simple and easy enough that it can begin working for the user instantly. At the very same time it does away with outdated and old fashioned exercises like breathing deeply and counting. These old methods only focused on coping with anxiety and panic attacks even though the 21-7 method makes it possible for you to focus on eliminating the fear of having another attack and minimize your levels of anxiety which will be the main reason for a panic attack occurring. It is a repetitive cycle which is hard to break out of, but one that this program teaches will permit you to break totally free from, and in so doing, gain your confidence to go out and no longer really feel like your life is being dominated by the possibility of suffering further attacks.

The program has so far helped over 50,000 men and women find relief from their anxiety and panic attacks, and as a result of its success rate, the program is becoming provided with an eight week income back guarantee in case any person thinks it can be just another world wide web gimmick. Joe Barry who developed the program has appeared on Tv across America promoting Panic Away and has taught this program in over 30 countries. The official website also contains the largest collection of genuine audio testimonies which anyone can listen to. This program doesnt claim to be the only one that works, but rather, the only one that really attacks the root cause of anxiety and panic attacks.

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