The garage may be one of the areas of your home that you haven't stopped to give much consideration. In order to get ready for cold weather, however, your garage should be taken into account for a properly prepared home. Here are some of the ways that you can make sure that your garage is prepared for the coming winter.

Replace Weather Stripping

Weather stripping can start to wear out with time and exposure to the elements. Another consideration is that it can become damaged from the garage door or even by your family bumping against it. Taking care of it now can help you to maintain the temperature in your garage before it can develop into a problem. Make sure to have it sealed properly so that it can provide the best insulation possible for your garage door.

Close the Door

A garage door that doesn't close properly or isn't set in the frame correctly could be letting more cold air in than is strictly necessary for proper ventilation purposes. Look into garage door repairs so that you can keep as much cold air sealed out as possible. Another thing to consider is the general state of your garage door. Are the springs and bolts secured? Does your door often get stuck or move slower than usual? Speaking to a repair or maintenance serviceman can ensure that problems don’t sneak up on you at the least convenient times and prevent further damage to the door from cold or harsh weather conditions. There are some additional options you can look at in terms of maintenance that are more insulated against the cold weather than others, so talk to a professional about what kind of door you have and what options apply.

Invest in Insulating Options

The walls of your garage are another factor that could be effecting the temperature. Insulation may need to be added to the walls or even the attic space to reach the appropriate insulation levels. Another thing that you'll want to take into account is any water pipes that are running through your garage. Make sure that the pipes are properly insulated against the cold and that your water heater is wrapped to avoid heat loss or frozen piping.

Install a Heater

Some homes have heaters in their garage space. This could come in the form of a wall unit or even radiant floor heating. If you decide to go this route, make sure that you size the unit appropriately for the square footage and the temperature desired. An undersized unit will have to run harder and longer, and be overall less energy-efficient. It can end up costing you a bundle just to keep the garage at a moderate temperature.

Your garage doesn't need to be freezing cold this winter. There are lots of options so that it can stay at a relatively pleasant temperature without having to cost you a fortune. Use these tips so that you can get your garage ready for the coming cold weather.

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