Customer portal is not a new concept any more even though we don't always realize that we are using one. Ordering things online is no longer limited to e-commerce giants. It goes much beyond that because it is relatively easier to set up an online store. And no matter the size of the store, a customer portal is necessary.

A customer portal gives your customers limited access to certain modules of your CRM. This access enables them to communicate with you so that you can provide better service to them.

If you choose WordPress for your website and SugarCRM as your CRM, SugarCRM customer portal is ideal for this situation.

Let us look at an example of where a customer portal of this kind can come in handy:

Food delivery service:
If you have ever tried to go out for a meal on the weekend, you know that true happiness lies in eating at home. But that doesn't mean you want to cook or get the usual from the diner down the street. You want to get that one pasta from across town. This is why food delivery services came to be. However, how do you tell them you forgot to ask them to add extra cheese? Or register a complaint is case there is something wrong with the food? Or if the food never got to you!

Now that you have seen what a customer needs when it comes to getting a dinner, you can take a look at how a portal would help in such a situation.

This is where the SugarCRM customer portal comes in. This portal allows the customer to contact the company to make changes to their order or to register a complaint of any kind. Then the portal can contact the restaurant where the food is from and inform them either way. With this portal, they can even contact the delivery person if needed. The uses are endless.

Service provider portal:
Whether it is your phone service provider, your internet provider or your television channel service provider, as subscription plans change, you end up having to streamline yours to your needs.

Again, as a service that everyone uses, it is easy to step into the customer's shoes.

Empower them to manage all of this via portals for your website. They can use this portal to change plans, modify a service, pay bills, or even to request a repair of the product. They can also edit details like address, registered phone number, etc. and it will reflect in the company's CRM.

Service as a product:
Now that the concept of app-fulfilled services is not new, a new type of business has come. A portal like app connects the end user to whatever service they require, like beauty salon services, handyman, massage service, movers etc. Such a portal changes what a customer portal can be. It is not limited to just one service. The customer can take advantage of multiple services with just one app.

If you build such a portal, you can get your customer to keep coming back for every other service, provided the experience is good. A WordPress customer portal will make using this app a smooth and hassle free experience.

If you are an entrepreneur in any of these industries or looking to be one, you should use a WordPress customer portal for its versatility, theming options, security and user friendliness.


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A customer portal development company can generally customize one that suits your needs. The combination of SugarCRM and WordPress is a winning one. They work well with each other, and it benefits both you and your customer in respective workflows.