Worried about changing my job. Working in the same field for many years can seem normal and even fulfilling but if it is not the field of your choice or you feel that you do not fit in with it after a bit it gets on your nerves and wears you down. You dread Monday mornings, you long for Friday evenings, you love holidays and weekends and hate weekdays.

Because I have my own house and have to pay back large amounts of money on the loan it is hard to convince myself that I need to change things, it is complicated, I have responsibilities, others to think of, obligations, expenses. Life is not all about happiness and pleasure. But now that I have been working in the same job for such a long time and have tried hard to convince myself that happiness is not important I must admit to failing at being able to believe this. And the more time moves on the more I realise I must make a change.

So far I have very little idea of what I want to do. I am looking into learning how to do something from home online, something where I can choose my own hours each day, but that requires discipline too. My psychic medium told me that I must make the move, because I will become more and more unhappy if I do not. She had given up a good job to become a self employed psychic so she understands. Life is not all about money, but you do need to be able to cover expenses.

If I work from home I will also get to see my partner Roger more because I would be able to save about ten to fifteen hours a week now where I travel to and from work and another five hours a week where I must be at the office having my lunch. Working from home would mean I can have lunch while I work or skip it.

The only down sides? Needing that discipline to set hours and stick to them, not having a guaranteed wage, holiday pay or sick pay, being isolated during the day with nobody else around. All a small price to pay for being happy. Just hope that Roger understands and supports me. My psychic medium does. The next step is to work out what to do and find ways to do it, then make that change.


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