Worry is nothing but side effects of risk bearing in our life. Life is full of risks may it be the birth of a person or his death or the life in between these two. One never runs away from risk for no one is sure of what lies in future. And thus comes into play is Worry which is a secret form of self -preservation. Worry enters ones life as one thinks of these hidden risks in the future and idolizes them to be real and heading their way towards them. Thus this leads to a semi havoc or panic like state in the present moment, called worry which actually is leading you nowhere but into a state of cyclic fear induced paralysis of thoughts and feelings which promises to free you from this state as long as you keep on worrying. The only way by which one can forget worry in ones life is when he realizes that one has to accept life as it comes. That is we have to accept certain realities about life like risk is an in evidential part of ones life & that life comes with challenges which have to be faced by everyone no matter how we choose to look at it. keeping these things in light one has to relax a bit and live in and cherish what he has at the moment called Now and forget but stay prepared for the moment which is yet to open up from now but without tension for this unseen moment of time called tomorrow & stop idolizing fearful thoughts for this moment right Now. This is the way to save yourself from worrying Now. Best of luck! swati.

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