Beginner's Guide for Yoga practice at home
Yoga practice steps-
1- Select suitable time- Generally yoga practicing in the morning is the best for the keep energy level whole day. If It's not possible then don't make excuses to skip your practice. You have more options to choose according to your convenient time. It could be late morning before lunch or an evening before dinner. Yoga at these times could be better to refresh the mind and remove stress or fatigues collected during working or whole days you feel.
2- Choose your reliable & comfortable place- It's too important to select a place for yoga practice, may inside room, garden, roof and according to your convenience. When you do yoga at home, it creates positive vibrations, gives healing, strength, and comfort to you. However It's not possible, you may select any outside place, where has large or enough space to perform all yoga postures without any kind of disturbance on the surrounding.
3- Yoga practice relatively empty stomach- Yoga always does on light or empty stomach because full stomach release laziness and body do not support to practice. You may do yoga practice asanas or pose & meditation about 3-4 hours after the meal.
4- Wear clothing simple and lightly- Keep your yoga wear simple & lightweight. Always do yoga to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Keep in mind avoid tight clothing, jewelry or fancy items. It generates trouble during stretching, pose perform.
5- Warm up before yoga postures- Warm up before do yoga practicing must, It decrease the chances of muscles straining. Start yoga after warming up the whole body and do stretcher to bring flexibility, before performing on to more or high intense yoga postures.
6- Be consistent - Regularity in practice is more necessary to bring flexibility, strengthen the body. Include yoga in your daily activity. It will be easy to add in your habits. Expert says twenty minutes do everyday yoga practice is more likely to get positive results soon than occasional practice.
Yoga is a lifestyle to living health and long life with full energy. Meditation is too supports to concentrates the mind on our body. It is easier to everyone to do yoga at home.

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