One of the most important aspects of finding a quality Yorkshire Terrier is choosing and finding quality Yorkshire Terrier breeders. Not all breeders are quality breeders, so it is crucial to do your research.

You need to consider these questions:

1). Does the breeder breed to improve the breed?
2). Is the breeder knowledgeable about health issues and to evaluate the quality of a Yorkshire terrier?
3). Is the breeder honest, ethical and a good business person?
4). Are you fine with the breeder?
By answering 'yes' to all these questions, you are more likely to choose quality Yorkshire Terrier breeders and therefore more likely to own a quality dog.

Breeds the breeder to improve the breed

If the Yorkshire Terrier Breeders breed to improve the breed, they will become more knowledgeable about health issues and evaluating the quality of the Yorkshire Terrier. If the breeder has this knowledge and is ethical, they are able to better advise their customer on the quality of the puppy they are considering buying.

Remember that breeding to 'improve the breed' is not only based on the AKC standards. While it is important to follow the AKC standards, these standards are primarily to have a standard to show against, or if you breed show dogs. What you want may be a little different than the AKC standard. For example, the AKC standard for a Yorkshire Terrier is blue / gold, while most people prefer black / gold coloring.

Are Yorkshire Terrier breeders aware of health issues and in evaluating the quality of a Yorkshire terrier?

If we could always answer yes to these important questions to all breeders, we would not see as many problems in the dog industry as we do. It is alarming how many breeders do not have knowledge of health problems and assess the quality of their dogs. As buyers, we trust the breeder's information on this. The only way to determine quality is to compare one dog to another. This is one of the benefits of Terrier Breeders participating in dog shows. Breeders tend to get tunnel vision if the only dogs they see are their own. By comparing their dogs with other dogs that are not their own, they are able to determine if their dogs are of high quality. Terrier breeders need a constant comparison of their dogs with other high quality dogs to really determine the quality.

Are Yorkshire Terrier Breeders honest, ethical and good business people?

Determining whether Yorkshire Terrier Breeders are honest, ethical and good business people is another very important question that needs to be answered. Getting an answer to this question is definitely going to be the hardest part. Remember that a breeder who is a good business person will try to balance the needs of the dog, the needs of the customer and their own needs. You want to make sure the breeder is selling their Yorkshire Terrier on the positive value of their dogs and on customer service, not negatively from another breeder. You should be tired of Yorkshire Terrier Breeders selling you only a dog on a very restrictive contract or only on a spay and neutered contract. These are usually breeders who want full control without considering the customer's needs. You do not want to deal with a breeder who makes it so difficult to work with.

Offering some sort of health guarantee for the Yorkshire Terrier and being able to back it up is a great way to determine if the breeder is a good business person. It is important that two clauses are included in the purchase contract. The first is that if the puppy is returned due to health problems, the customer is entitled to a refund or a replacement dog of the same value. The second clause should be that if the dog is returned due to a health problem and the customer asks for a refund, the breeder must pay the refund to the customer within 10 working days. These two clauses are very important to look for.

Are you fine with the breeder?

Although you may be able to answer 'yes' to the previous questions but still not feel comfortable with the breeder, keep looking for a breeder. On the other hand, if you are fine with the breeder but cannot answer yes to the previous questions, you should also continue to look for a breeder.

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Are Yorkshire Terrier Breeders honest, ethical and good business people?