One of the most overlooked factors that play a pivotal role in long-term success and profitability of a restaurant is the decor. Ambiance plays a key role in deciding if your customers will enjoy eating at your restaurant, how long they’ll want to stay, if they’ll want to return or not, so on and so forth. Thus, ambiance is the USP of any restaurant and as a prospective owner, you must always to strive to set the atmosphere of your such that comfort and experience of your customer are optimized. And because furniture has a reasonable say in setting the right mood for your restaurant, choosing the right restaurant furniture is crucial.

To simplify the arduous task of picking out the right furniture for your restaurant, here's an overall classification of various types of wooden restaurant furniture online as well as offline:

1. Budget restaurant furniture: Compact, Minimal design characterizes this robust and cheap restaurant furniture type, to make maximum seating provisions in a given space. Metallic chairs with light seat cushions, sturdy, lightweight tables that provide easy mobility are some of the key features of this style. It is best suited for a low budget, small restaurants and cafes to entertain a large customer volume, within the space constraints. Wooden furniture, if used, is also very basic, with non-upholstered chairs and rudimentary tables. Easy to maintain and clean, and resilient against regular manhandling, budget restaurant furniture is preferred where practicality takes the upper hand over style.

2. Booths: Food booths are utilitarian seating arrangements, commonly found in pubs and bars. Sporting large upholstered seats, they are very sturdy and less in style. Cabins provide partial privacy in a crowded public space and are designed to seat several people at a time. Booths usually run along the walls, with an array of regular tables placed between two aisles of booths.

3. Luxury restaurant furniture: Pragmatism takes a back seat and panache leads from the front in the luxury restaurant furniture designs. Lavishly upholstered ample chairs furnished with the finest fabric and adorned with comfortable armrests are a recurring aspect of this theme. Dining tables are expensive, crafted from premium quality wood and sometimes are even glass-topped. Luxury restaurant furniture is suited for high-end restaurants that serve gourmet food, and where clientele gives equal, and sometimes, even more preference to ambiance and mood. This is the most luxurious, comfortable, but also, the most expensive type of furniture that you can get for your restaurant.

4. High-End: This restaurant furniture design is a smart compromise worked out between luxury and budget restaurant furniture types. The intent behind this design is to have a scheme that is basic and compact, without compromising the comfort. So, this kind of furniture for restaurants usually features elegant but space-wise wooden tables. Chairs albeit usually armless, are very comfortable, with fluffy, soft seat cushion and in some cases, are even fully upholstered. So, if you want your restaurant to offer reasonable indulgence at an economical price, this is the furniture type you'd want.

5. Outdoor: Furniture for alfresco restaurants has to be all-weather proof, very sturdy, yet light-weight to allow easy mobility. Metallic or wicker furniture in basic designs is the most commonly used options. You may also consider foldable or extendable models available for the same purpose.

Finding all varieties of restaurant furniture in one place is too good to be true if you shop conventionally. But if you buy furniture for restaurant, online, you can find all types of the same, in many design options. And with the often-ongoing sales on restaurant furniture on various online portals, like, you can furnish your restaurant without burning a hole in your pocket.

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