Sleep is crucial to charge up human body as it is one of the best remedies that heal all your stress and problems while allowing body to relax in the best possible way after an active day. The quantity of sleep is not as important as quality of sleep as sound sleep fill up the energy and enthusiasm to start up new day with kick. For years it has been stated that the quality of sleep is directly connected with the condition or quality of mattress one is using. There are high chances if you are using the wrong mattress, either way, too soft or very hard it can cause back injury and can also affect the quality of sleep. Moreover, wrong mattress and improper sleep can lead to number of additional health issues.

Thus it is important to consider number of factors while buying the right mattress as the market offers endless options which make one confused. Below is the list of best mattress options which will ensure healthy sleep while eradicating the chances of back injury and chronic pain:

• Latex mattress

It is the best choice for people who sweat a lot. These mattresses are well known to provide great support to the back and hips while relieving all the pressure points that might cause discomfort. As the name suggests, these mattresses are made of latex rubber which is said to have antibacterial properties, hypoallergenic in nature and therefore, perfect for people who are allergic to dust, mite, and other infestations.

• Therapeutic mattress

This is the most recommended type of mattress when one is suffering from serious back injuries or problem. It is designed to provide maximum level of comfort to the user while helping to maintain the right posture and supporting the spine. The supportive nature of this mattress makes it best fit while dealing with back issues and is therefore recommended by majority of physiotherapists and health care providers to people who suffer from back pain.

• Orthopedic mattress

This mattress is well known to provide support not only to back but also to neck as well. It is made up of two different types of foams namely, PU foam and Rebounded foam which allows it to easily balance the weight in proper ratio and proportion while eliminating all the barriers and factors that might hinder sound sleep. It is the ideal choice for comfortable sleep with great level of support.

• Memory foam mattress

If you are a side sleeper and looking for mattress which offers great support and comfort then memory foam could be the best pick for you. It has gained popularity in market for providing steady comfort to the body. For side sleepers, it offers great support on shoulder and hips while making one feel partially surrounded by mattress. Memory foam mattress contains several layers of foam that resist its tendency to sag in middle and the need to flip the mattress routinely.

The choice of mattress can greatly impact the quality of sleep and health of the individual. Hence get best mattress as per your sleeping position so that you can easily eliminate all the body pain problems and get the comfort needed for a sound sleep.

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