You can’t open any social media account without tons of posts, reposts, tweets and retweets meant to uplift us, inspire us and help us, which of course many of them do.

I can’t help feeling though that sharing someone else’s quote no matter how brilliant, is often a lazy way to communicate one’s own experience without having to actually communicate anything personal or real.

It’s a way of saying “Hey, this is what I am about and I am sending you this so you can agree that it is what you are about too. And we can both feel good about ourselves in the process.”

Is that communication? I don’t think so.

I think it's short hand for second hand experience.

Because communication is all about sharing your whole, authentic experience so that others can access, resonate and share theirs.

This is a proper exchange. The alternative is simply a mutual agreement of viewpoints, no matter how enlightened those viewpoints may be.

So how much actual self-disclosure do we encounter? I am not talking about people’s stories or accounts of past events or even current circumstances. I am talking about real inside me stuff.

I have a facebook page with a group that's called ‘Perfect Now’ and most of my time is spent asking people not to post spiritual sound bites or poster quotes, which are often really lovely but they aren’t from those people who I am sharing this bit of my journey with.

I want to hear from them and I hope that I allow them to hear from me when I post, not just the ideas that I write.

Communication is just the me to you and you to me stuff.

But where is it?

We live in a peculiar time where essential meaning and our spirituality of existence has never been so widely accepted as it is now, outside of the context of religions. Yet it is peculiar in its sheer absence of relating it to everyday life and, as I’ve said, communication from our every day experience (and no I am not talking about what we ate for breakfast, I am talking about inner thoughts and feelings that drive and shape us).

I suspect it’s because we see enlightenment as something aspirational instead of something experiential.

Enlightenment is just about getting the moment fully and without resistance. Reading about it is almost an oxymoron unless you can fully be in the moment absorbing it and ignoring (not stopping as you cant) all the good advice your mind tries to steal for techniques; to control even being present.

Because the truth is the truth is here and now.

More importantly it is in the midst of life happening. It is not about getting away from life even in meditation, it is about making it a way of life; being present that is.

Being present in the moment and communicating from there no matter how painful, awful or unfair it is.

You see, we don’t really inspire others with our wisdom, wonderful sayings or through the sharing of someone else’s wisdom and wonderful sayings.

We inspire others by sharing ourselves.

And that means sharing our whole experience of our journey, not just our arrivals and successes. I am moved when I am allowed in to witness someone’s conscious struggle (not their drama) as much as I am inspired by witnessing their eventual breakthrough.

I feel graced by their gift of 'what is so for them' without defence or pretence.

I am affected by them sharing it with me, so that I can identify with it and be made greater in my own experience as a result.

It’s your voice I want to hear. It’s your voice the world needs to hear. I don’t mean your insights, views or even how well you can communicate your ideas.

I mean only how well you can articulate your experience.

The measure of our greatness is in how well we are able to be who we are. And communication is the key to unlocking the cramped prison of who we are not.

When I talk about being present, I also mean being able to communicate as a present being, literally as someone with real presence.

The problem is we seek to be present and we read books, write things and practice mindfulness or whatever as a means to being present, which is never going to work as we are trying to get where we already are and therefore missing any chance to experience it.

Make no mistake, reading about being present and even seeing or hearing something that inspires you to embrace the Now is not experiencing the Now, nor is it beingness.

Music, poetry, art and wise words are helpful and a lovely means to access the Now but they are not essential carriers of the Now.

Even the most uplifting of words and the most transporting of music are pale comparisons to the boundless, mind-blowing, life-affirming Now. In fact they can act as a substitute and get in the way if you give them that power.

Only the Now purveys Now. Only Now is Now. Dont lose yourself in the music, lose yourself in the Now.

Until we can access Now, here and now, which is only achieved by being fully present in absolute acceptance and by choice, we will not become 'feeling aware' of the miracle that is right in front and all around us.

It's fine to be inspired by essential meaning and to fully get the point of being present but that still isn't being present.

Practice, not belief . Being present, not endorsing. Getting it, not wanting to convince ourselves and others of it. That is it. That is only it.

When you become attuned and able to live in the Now even uplifting music and inspiring ideas seem small in comparison to the experiential magic and magnificence of Here, Now.

We have become more and more adept at turning the miraculous into the banal. Reverse that and turn the normal into the miraculous.

Because it is but any attempt to manipulate it into being more than your experience allows, through means other than being present, will insidiously prevent it. Just. Get. It.

Look around you right now and experience the miracle of existence. Look at your hand and get how extraordinary it is that it 'is'.

Look into the eyes of a loved one - or your own eyes in a mirror - feel the one essential binding, eternal connection with everything as a whole and with all things as a part.

Feel under your experience to the core of (the before of) that experience.

That is Now. That is You.

And if your experience is not always that and you feel a fraud deep, deep down as we all do if we tell the truth, then be it.

Communicate knowing that but still communicate.

Your voice brings together the form and the essence of your life. Use it.

You are not fooling anyone, least of all yourself.

You are flawed and you are perfect. You are a work in progress and you are whole. You are story in the telling and you are the author.

Communicate. Allow others to resonate.

Kim Coe – Perfect Now

Author's Bio: 

I have worked for many years and with many people in the art and practice of Self realisation, making the miraculous normal, the spiritual predominant and everyday experience wondrous and whole. I am not a seeker, I am a traveller. I am not an expert, I am an experiencer. I am not a teacher, I am a communicator. I am not just me, I am also you.