Who Do You Think You Are?

You are the imagination of yourself. This imagination is polluted by external opinions, and media hypnosis. we are all victims of such damage that inhibits our power to be our full potential. But how come?

We are designed to feed on information, opinions, law and order, good and bad, we call reality.

As Einstein says, "reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one"

Reality that does not give you the freedom, the optimum health, and financial freedom is not reality at all. You have been programmed to believe that you are either destined to mediocrity, or that luck was not born in you.

We learn, we become, we do, and we accumulate ideas, from which, we create our belief systems through our five senses, with which we call reality. We are locked into our bodies, and as such, we experience reality as limitation, scarcity, and impossibility. We are programmed to believe that we are only flesh and bones, and the reason we are led to believe so, is to remain locked into this prison of perception forever, so that we remain conformists and slaves to circumstances and media hypnotists.

We are looking at a tiny lens of reality, with which we experience as a flash in a fraction of a second from time to time. William Blake says, "If the door of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is infinite" you are infinite being, you have no ceiling, no walls, no barriers, you can take control of your imagination, and create a software belief system that supports your desired reality.

Learn to hypnotise your way to success, rather than leaving your subconscious unguarded from intruders and manipulators.

There are two kinds of mass hypnotists in the world, one that provides information to lock you in and control you to remain a slave conformist; the others are freedom liberators, such as philosophers, who foster freethinking.

We are infinite beings, we were never born, and we will never die. Sadly, the masses, who lives under subsistence level, and those who are suffering limitation, are manipulated by media hypnotists that tells us to identify ourselves as we are, we have been drilled systematically to believe, to fear, to doubt, to procrastinate, and to fail our rights to freethinking. The primary tool that controls the masses, the so called education, limited in its truth, television, radio, newspapers, and the hypnotists man or woman who tells you what you must believe, rather than, how to think yourself to freedom.

If you are experiencing scarcity, pain, sorrow, fear, anxiety, debts, hardship, limitation, employment slavery, is because someone else had created you into the person you have become. As a consequence, you cannot solve your problems. As Einstein says "you cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them". the solution is within you, and before you can change anything, you must start mental cleansing, getting rid of the program that does not support your desired outcomes, and replace it with a program that will support you in the achievement and fulfilment of your dream goals.

This is the point from which the 97% or mankind struggle with. Many people try to make themselves feel good without cleansing the mind of error and the heart of conceit, only to find their problems bouncing back at them. Imagine the fly, which tries to escape out of the room; it knocks itself against the window repeatedly until it dies.

The fly is acting on the programmed limited belief; it does not have the intellectual capacity to reason, to reflect like human intelligence, sadly, 97% of the human race act similarly to the fly.

How to think wisely, how to think creatively in order to choose freely from the catalogue of the universe, to allow you to live a blessed life used to require real labour of thinking, with which most men fear, thus remain conformists. But with the advanced technology, you need not engage in laborious thinking. N.V.LS.E, which stands for Neuro Visual & Linguistic Syntax Encoding, is a brain tool, manual book, and audio CDs series that will soon be available to all, to allow them to coach themselves all the way to success.

Tip #1 Acknowledge the fact your failure is 80% psychology

Tip #2 Remember that failure is not a bad thing, it is a detour toward success when you follow through

Tip #3 Recognise that success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics

Tip #4 Get certified in the department of self-development, simply, find a cognitive tool to empowerment

Tip #5 Keep looking forward; keep taking action

Tip #6 Receive your rewards, and open new horizons to multiply your achievements

Tip #7 Live with passion and gratitude, and notice how a good attitude turns setback into profits

Author's Bio: 

Andre Zizi is a philosopher, qualified teacher, NLP facilitator, trained in the educational psychology. His specialty is in the area of mental toughness and emotional mastery, stress, the psychology and process of business start ups, relationship conflict, how to prevent or overcome an illness and or how to achieve dream goals.

Andre Zizi is the Founder and Director of ZiziWorld LTd and YourDreamComesTrue LTD

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